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Glass nail files are produced by Glasscare Amirro, a Czech company,  the original Czech manufacturer of glass and glass products in cooperation with Blazek Glass. Each Glasscare nail file is protected by a special utility model and a European patent. The process  of removing the skin from foot is sound and safe and is suitable for regular household use.

Glasscare line  

  • Mirror combined with nail files 
  • Glass spatula  for lotion
  • A set of glass nail files
  • Limited gift package for complete care 

Foot file Glasscare - a unique product made from Czech glass 

Reward your feet! To become beautiful and feel like they’re as soft as cotton wool ... 

How? With the Glasscare glass file for foot skin care.

Why? Its patented surface provides a much more subtle, yet effective way of removing the hardened and damaged skin in the feet in comparison with normal files. 

In contrast to other aids for the care of the feet, Glasscare glass nail files are friendly and safe. In its use there is no cuts, scratches or  bruised feet. It’s special knurled surface provides an easy, fast, and also a nice way to gently get rid of damaged skin.

 Unlike pumice stone nail files, material from glass ensures that the leather soles do not fray and after drying do not stutter. The other side of nail file is intended for smoothing dry feet.  Thanks to this, all its users can show really smooth and soft feet. Moreover, the smoother surface of the glass nail file can be used for filing nails on both hands and feet. 

Practical elongated nail file then provides a convenient and easy handling of file. By using glass as a material this also ensures that the nail file does not hold dirt, and the product is therefore totally hygienic.

Nail files dimensions are 35 mm x 250 mm and thickness of glass is 4 mm.

Files produced by Glasscare Amirro, Czech company and is the original Czech product.


I recommend Glasscare File to my clients as a suitable tool for the health care of their skin feet.
MUDr.Drahomíra Kotlarova, owner of the Czecheast Laser Center.

Glasscare file is a very successful product and I am personally very satisfied with it. And we want the same thing for our customers.
Radka Gebeltová, owner of Crown Salon.


Mirror nail files with a credit card size - ideal to fit to your wallet!


The mirror should be part of every womans handbag. Therefore, it is often added to cosmetics bags to powder compact or elsewhere. But if you want to have it at all times, it is ideal to keep it in your purse. Glasscare brand proposed a mirror that exactly fits in every purse, its dimensions are the same size as credit cards.In addition, its lower edge contains grainy surface, which serves as a nail file. Every woman does know how unpleasant it may be broken nail without a file to get it right. 



Spatula for cream – a thing you should not miss!


In particular expensive creams should not be picked up from its box by fingers, because the cream may enter bacterias and thus spoil its consistention. Spatulas are made from  - glass that guarantees its easy washability, so it is possible to use it on several different creams. 





Manicure glass nail files set - subtle but effective!


In cooperation with the firm Blazek Glass e-shop offers a set of three manicure nail files for everyday use. ‘Glass nail files are generally foremost tools for nail care, so we decided to include them to our web site. The common sign of all Glasscare products are the care, conservation and hygiene.  These nail files correspond to this for hundred percent, ‘ said Lucie Hronová, from the Glasscare company. In this set you will find a large 20 cm double sided nail file with  handle, medium (14 cm) double sided nail file and a small 9 cm nail file - ideal for handbags or travels. 





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